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Mera Sett
'Sculptured Melodies' (1922)
Pt 8

Title page


     This is the eigth in a series of eleven posts (one per week) reproducing the eleven tales in Mera Setts 'Sculptured Melodies' (Grant Richards, 1922).

     Mera Sett (active 1890s-1920s) is an artist and writer about which virtually nothing is known. He produced two(?) books in limited (and now expensive) editions, 'Sculptured Melodies', and a version of the 'Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyham' (Galloway and Porter, 1914).

      For illustrations from the 'Rubaiyat' and the first pages of 'Sculptured Melodies' go to my post on Sett in the 'Decadent Illustrator' series here.

For other parts click the red link
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    Each tale in 'Sculptured Melodies' was written as a response to a piece of music in a decadent style reminiscent of Pierre Louÿs. There is some supernatural content. All are illustrated in the idiosyncratic Sett style. I believe if you download the images you will be able to view them at greater size. 


'Chanson Triste Tschaikowsky'

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Illustration to 'Chanson Triste'

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