Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Hieroglyphic Press

 "We do not want the dregs of the 21st century, the 21st century is Nothing’s Empire. We want the High and the Holy, the Sacred, the Rare."

    It is always a pleasure to promote interesting projects  and this new press is certainly that.

       Run jointly by author Mark Samuals and a man well versed in the byways of European literature Daniel Corrick,  it aims to produce a biannual journal Sacrum Regnum, "an experimental journal, a sort of contemporary Symbolist review" and publish hitherto untranslated books by authors such as Guido Gozzano, Alexandra Macedonski and Stefan Grabinski

    I must confess that the first two names mean nothing to me, but with Grabinski and others on the list of "authors we hold in high esteem" (including Ernst Jünger, Stefan George, Charles Baudelaire, Bruno Schulz, Leon Bloy, Gustav Meyrink, and Gabriele d’Annunzio) they nail their colours to the mast.

    Their schedule of releases is set to begin in Spring 2012.

The website is here.


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