Saturday, 10 December 2011

Warm Digits

    Some will know of my love for things German, outside some of its literature, and this includes much of the music (lazily) categorized as 'Krautrock'; bands such as Neu!, Faust, Can and the mighty Kraftwerk.

       If this is also your 'thing' then you may find the band 'Warm Digits' of interest. The influence of the genre (especially Neu!) is apparent; they meld the rhythm and experimentation of that group with an injection of what has been termed 'disco-gleam'. They have a LP - 'Keep Warm' recently released as a double 12" and digital download.

    They are also extremely good live, using live video feeds overlaid with the type of images seen on the album cover as part of their stage show. Not they need them; to watch Andrew Hodson, the  drumer, is entertainment enough.

    Here is a video for one of the tracks from the LP, 'Weapons Destruction'. In this case it is not made with their own visuals, but by the equally clever film makers Deborah Bower, Mat Fleming and Annette Knol using hand assembled pieces of 16mm film.


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